What We Do

Our Mission

“We provide free eye care clinics through Christian faith-based organizations and other organizations, offering less fortunate individuals access to quality vision care services.”

Our Values


We believe the Bible and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ, provide the guide of a fruitful, faithful life, serving others as Jesus serves us.

Remain Humble

Know your blessings and gifts and understand they don’t come from you; instead, our Maker blesses you with them, expecting you to share them with others.

Lead by Example

Few better ways exist to build trust and achieve your goals than to lead by example, even when you are not the “leader.” If we each don’t lead, who will?

Keep going to the end.

Going the extra mile

Always exceed people’s expectations. Go the extra mile for others and yourself and support those in need. Call it “a dedication to excellence” or “striving to do more” -- either way leads to better results, stronger relationships, and a better, more fulfilling life.

People showing loyalty shaking hands


Above all else, remain loyal to your family, your friends, your co-workers, yourself, your goals and your life.

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